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Irish Passport photo requirements

If you need to send in photographs for a passport application, make sure they meet all the rules to avoid delays in your application.

You must send 2 identical photos when applying for a passport.

Download the official photo guide PDF here

  • If spectacles are worn the eyes must be clearly visible
  • 2 identical recent photos are needed
  • The passport photos must be no more than 6 months old
  • In the case of babies, no visible support must be seen
  • Irish Passport photo requirements state that no teeth be visible
  • You must have a neutral expression and you must nor smile
  • Face and shoulders must be in the middle for Irish Passport Photos
  • Irish Passport Photos must have natural skin colour
  • The length from chin to crown of head must between 32mm to 36 mm
  • The minimum photograph size is 35mm x 45mm : Max size is 38mm x 50mm
  • There must be no shadows on the face or background in Irish Passport Photos
  • Photos must be taken against a plain, uniform, white or light gray background
  • Black and White or colour is acceptable
  • No red eye is allowed in Irish Passport Photos

irish passport photos

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